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Uplevel Your Self-Awareness Today:

The ultimate success of an individual or organization greatly depends on the strength of Judgment applied to countless everyday decisions.

From small day-to-day tactical choices to significant global strategic decisions, good Judgment is the key ingredient to successful endings.

Our value system defines who we are. It is the lens through which we view the world, formulate choices, and make decisions.

Our value system evolves throughout our lives and manifests in how we assess and evaluate; how we size up situations; how we solve problems; and ultimately, how we navigate our course of action.

It is influenced by every event, experience, and person who touches our lives.

Understand that the Judgment Index™ is NOT an IQ (Intelligence Quotient) test, an Emotional Balance assessment, and perhaps most importantly, it is NOT a Personality Test.

The Judgment Index™ is unique in that it can specifically measure a person’s sense of Good Judgment in over seventy areas.

There are 12.8 quadrillion possible outcomes one's results can have – a number greater than all the people who have ever lived on earth.

Careful study and review of this report will enable you to understand your gifts and strengths – areas you should begin to trust and rely upon when needed.

Because Judgment can change and be improved, seek to understand the areas on your report that you want to make even stronger.

Improvement in weaker areas can significantly impact work and personal accomplishments and improve interaction and relationships with others.

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