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Powerful Intentions to Rewire Your Brain for Success & Happiness

I am safe in this moment. I am doing ok.

I am perfectly loved, guided, and supported.

God always works in my favor.

I choose to be deeply present and connected to love today.

I have an energetic shield around me, protecting me from all negativity.

I choose to keep all my positive energy with me today and reject all negativity.

I choose to stay connected to what's mine and send back what is not mine.

I am enough. I do enough. I have enough.

I am worthy and deserving of taking care of myself.

I accept where I am right now. I am exactly where I need to be.

I accept my life as it is. I appreciate how far I've come.

I celebrate my wins. I take excellent care of my body, heart, and mind.

I am cultivating a life that I truly love.

I deeply love, care for, and accept myself.

I choose to see, feel, and know my worthiness.

I am worthy and deserving of the very best that life has to offer.

I fully believe that abundant blessings of all kinds are already on their way to me.

I choose to see, feel, and know the abundance that is all around me.

I choose to be well; I choose to thrive. I am calm, happy, and relaxed.

I am connecting with more lightness and ease, and spaciousness every day.

I am open to receiving the infinite guidance that is always available to me.

I am thriving; my children are thriving, and my marriage is thriving.

I am so blessed to do the work that I do; it doesn't feel like work.

I am attracting more and more clients every day.

My health is moving towards perfect balance and harmony.

Every cell, tissue, organ, and system in my body vibrates at the highest possible frequency.

I am moving toward better health every day.

I have a steady supply of calm energy that lasts throughout the day.

I am worthy and deserving of having a healthy body that I can be proud of.

I get to feel good and be happy and healthy.

My family gets to feel good and be happy and healthy.

Suffering and physical pain is no longer part of my life.

From now on, I choose to live a pain-free life.

I expect to feel good.

I choose to show up today clean, clear, well-cared for, and tuned in.

I make time for myself. My needs matter.

My life gets to feel easy. I will let this be easy. I choose to let in the ease.

All will get done with ease. Time is on my side.

I choose to let go of all pressure around time.

I choose to relax in my experience. I choose to let go of what is hard.

I choose to step into a steady stream of magic, ease, and deep support.

Things are working out for me. All is well.

Everything is falling into place.

My life is easy, convenient, and fun!

My energetic boundaries are intact and working perfectly to keep me in my light and filter out any negative or low energy.

I ask for healing and clearing of anything that is not mine.

I am at peace. I am at ease. I am in the flow of abundance.

Here I am. 1000% committed to being in my light.

Right here, right now, with me, all day long. All we need is given.

There is more than enough. I am energetic.

I live in an infinite universe.

I have access to infinite time/ wealth/ support if that is there for me.

I have access to what grows the trees and burns the sun.

I expect to see miracles every day! I choose to release to trust.

From now on, I choose to feel, know, and believe that I am enough.

I choose to trust every day, all day long.

It's totally safe to trust.

I allow myself to be supported and held in all areas of my life.

I am completely held. I am completely safe.

I choose to allow the flow of ease and abundance in my life.

I am open and willing to receive the immense love, ease, and abundance that is coming my way. I'm the creator of this abundant life that I love.

I'm open to receiving all that is here for me now and all that is coming.

I fully honor and own the truth of who I am in all I say, feel, and do.

I am totally supported/held/loved in this moment.

Everything I want wants me (and I am open to receiving it)!

I am abundantly joyful and prosperous in my business.

Copyright © 2022 — Advancing Globally, LLC.

Copyright © 2022 — Advancing Globally, LLC.